Elliott has his own page here.  He seems to be getting along well with his big sister Sparkie.   He is about 3 months old here and will be getting bigger over the next year.

Newest resident in Lake Havasu

Desert Bloom 2024

Above average flower bloom in the desert this year as we had some good soaking rains last winter.  In fact, it is the second year we have seen green grass on the hills after a rain.  3 years ago it was very dry and there were few plants on these trails.


H2O level is higher than last year. Lots of shrubs underwater.
Old Railroad tunnels
Lots of cactus in bloom
Prolific cactus in neighbor yard

Anniversary, Finally!

Once in four years, we can celebrate our official anniversary – because it is on Leap Day.

We had a great time together at newly built Durango Resort, a part of Station Casinos in Las Vegas.

What a beautiful place it is!! Highly recommended!

We are not gamblers and do not even know how to play any of the machines…. yet, we gave it a try and won a whopping $1 dollar 🙂 Woo hoo!

We were also able to try two (2) restaurants on our lists – Pier 215 and Baguette Cafe, near Durango Resort. – Both of them are great place to eat and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. Highly recommended as well 🙂

We were hungry so we did not even remember to take any pictures at Pier 215…. Oh well, it is good excuse to go there again!

Travel to San Diego

We had a chance to see Kevin at his new townhouse, then to meet with his roommates. (forgot to take pictures with them!)

It was a quick and short visit at this time before Kevin’s deployment. Wishing him all the best and hoping for a successful journey!

Here are some pictures we took during our visit:


Kevin’s Visit 01/26/2024 – 02/08/2024

Kevin made a whopping 2,900 miles travel from Goose Creek, South Carolina to Boulder City, Nevada between 01/23/2024 – 01/26/2024.

He started his journey after the moving track finished loading up his items around 4pm, drove through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, then to Nevada. He encountered some severe storm in Mississippi and snow in New Mexico – yet he safely made to our house. You can guess how much I was worried!

His motorcycle was delivered a day after he arrived here, so he was able to enjoy two days of free riding through Lake Mead – to Overton and Valley of Fire.

We certainly enjoyed his visit.

He made another long drive to San Diego on 02/08/2024 to his new town home, shared with his two roommates (Heesh and Kirkpatrick – he always calls them in last names – military way).

His real work in Navy starts on 02/15/2024.

Kiyoshi’s Katsu

We finally made it to Kiyoshi’s Katsu House in Anthem.  It is very similar to Ton Ton which we have been a few times before.  The pork is super thick and tender so if you are craving Katsu, this is the place to go.  This location has a great atmosphere and worth the drive.

Katsu Takoyaki: Panko crusted takoyaki balls. I like the crunch
Katsu Donburi: Pork, and egg over rice
Had to try the Katsu hamburger. Cheese stuffed burger coated in panko and deep fried. I have seen something similar up in Duluth MN (Pickwick Bar).
Served on a tier like English Tea time in Vancouver. Fancy.
Here is the classic Pork Katsu. Perfectly cooked.


Ram Cam

I remember in the 90’s the very first web cam was in a UK computer lab over their coffee pot so the users knew if the coffee was ready.

Boulder city just added a web cam over Hemenway Park to watch the Sheep that tend to hang out there frequently.  The sheep are usually behind the tennis courts at the other end so I am not sure how often they will be close to this camera.